Willow Rebrand

Reena and Michelle were in need of professional layout design for their course workbook, and the development of a brand that would help better distinguish between their various paid course offerings, and set the tone for the important work that they do in the End of Life Planning field.

In order to develop the new brand, I spent time talking to them about what Willow means to them, and did exhaustive visual research and mockup development, collaborating with them to settle on a brand that they ultimately felt honored the work they are doing.

Branding involved establishing colour values for each silo of their courses, picking typography for headings, subheadings and body copy, and designing a variety of both print and digital assets.

I also worked closely with them as I laid out their course workbook, implementing their copy edits via a seamless communications process.

Andrew Walsh’s creativity and passion for both design and our success, helped us generate a fresh and vibrant brand to take our company to the next level.

-Reena & Michelle
Owners of Willow EoL